Why would you stay at home this Christmas?

Why would you stay at home this Christmas?

Kaluma Travel founder, Andy Butterworth, on why you should definitely be considering Christmas in the Alps!




Seriously – why would you stay at home this Christmas?

If you’ve not made plans – we’ve got the perfect solution

Sometimes Christmas isn’t always as ideal as you had planned it to be. 

You have the perfect picture in your head: 

A lovely Christmas tree decorated by the children, a roaring fire and neatly wrapped presents complete with big bows. Carols playing softly in the background, a Christmas pudding scented candle sending out whiffs of your childhood, mum busy cooking a delightful Christmas dinner in the kitchen, all the timings going perfectly to plan, and dad enjoying a big glass of wine in the rocking chair whilst telling the kids stories of Christmas’ past.

Snow is gently falling outside and the snowman is having the finishing touches put to its face – the carrot stick nose and the black coal eyes. The rest of the family on their way round to join you all for some pre-dinner drinks, swap lovely presents and prepare for the feast ahead, before retiring for the Queens speech, a glass of sherry and a family game of Trivial Pursuit. 

Let’s be honest, when does it ever pan out like that?! When are you not stressed, when are the brussels ever cooked to perfection and what about the very real possibility that there is no snow outside? 

The Solution?

Well the simple, instant solution is to go away for Christmas. Let everything be taken care of by booking a luxury chalet, allow someone else to prepare and cook and worry about the turkey dinner. Rely on your host to keep your champagne topped up and to let the red wine breathe. Allow the kids to charge off in the guaranteed snowy fields outside to build a snowman and they can burn all their energy in ski lessons each day.

Mulled wine, a roaring fire that won’t go out, a beautifully decorated tree filled with presents and Christmas music to keep the festive spirit going all day long. Don’t worry about the clearing up, the hoovering, the washing up, the blocked dishwasher or a dirty glass – we’ve got that covered. We’ll do it all for you. 

Let us make the festive season that extra bit special for you and the family, whether you share a chalet with friends and family, or a mixed chalet meeting new friends. We’ll make sure you have a Christmas to never forget that the whole family can enjoy.

Chalet Montfort Fire

                        Chalet Montfort, St Anton

A St Anton Christmas

Call me biased (I have lived there for 17 years) but St Anton is the perfect place to spend a Christmas holiday.

The main street is lit up with magical lights, the mini Christmas market runs through the middle of town with local arts and crafts and of course all the foodie treats to taste and test!

The huge tree in the middle of the town full with lights, midnight mass at the local church and plenty of snow (a white Christmas is all but guaranteed) creates a wonderful festive atmosphere. Create magical memories with your children: taking a sleigh ride as a family through the town or the snowy woods, building snowmen all together, making snow angels or having snowball fights. 

You can enjoy outdoor drinks and indoor festive cheer in all the bars and restaurants. It is the season to be jolly after all!

St Anton resort centre

                     St Anton, Austria

Christmas in a Kaluma chalet

My family have been lucky enough to spend Christmas in one of our chalets over the past few years and it has always been wonderful, relaxing, stress free and just what everyone wanted. 

If you are happy to share a chalet then the Chalet Montfort is a great social, fun environment with excellent staff. Everyone mucks in and the atmosphere is all about meeting like minded people and celebrating together.

If you want a bit more privacy you can book one of our Eden Rock apartments, which would be an incredible way to enjoy Christmas, in the utmost luxury. 

Or perhaps Chalet Narnia for your own slice of happiness in the snow, with a hot tub and your own staff to wait on you hand and foot. 

Christmas should be fun, it should be relaxing and with kids, we all know the only way to relax is if you don’t have to cook, clean and worry about the next day.

Please don’t worry – we’ve got that covered!

Check out all the details of our fabulous Christmas offers here.


                                  Eden Rock, St Anton

Chalet Narnia View I

                                  Chalet Narnia, St Anton

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