Skiing with Children

Skiing with Children

It was childish, I admit, and a little irresponsible, but you know what? I didn’t care. I’d just spent the past three afternoons skiing with my children, and quite frankly I was fed up of hearing:

‘Daddy’s a better skier isn’t he?’

‘Daddy’s faster than you isn’t he?’

‘Daddy can do big jumps can’t he?’

So seeking some sort of cheap gratification I pulled my rather lame jump off a blue run roller!

‘Really? You chose to jump then, right in front of them?’

It was then followed by a sad shake of his head as he clicked his skis and my daughter obediently following her father down the piste. My son, however, looked up in awe (I think it was awe) and he decided to ski down to join ME. It was worth the disapproving look.

The thing is, what was so glorious about this moment was that we’d done it; we were skiing as a family, all of us together, on the same run, at the same time. This was a game changer; we’d moved on from lying to ski schools about our children being out of nappies (well pull ups are pants aren’t they?). They remembered their own gloves and the biggest miracle of all was that they went to the toilet before the ‘Oh for goodness sake…..really…. now?’ exasperated rant and you were going to be late for ski school, again (oh the looks you get when you’re late for ski school, parents really should stick together more). This was the third week of introducing our children to the delights of alpine skiing. The time and money spent had been all been worth it.

So this is where show off mum came from. I sort of found a little of the old self. Not the

‘Tooooooo fast’

‘Sloooooow downnnnnn’


mother of old, I was having a holiday, skiing with my gorgeous children and loving it. It was an ‘Oh Wow’ moment, and they’re precious.


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