How to “Beat the flight prices” for the February Half Term

How to “Beat the flight prices” for the February Half Term

We have absolutely no doubt that flight prices put a lot of people off travelling. If we could control it, believe us we would. As soon as you search for the peak dates (school holidays) flight prices instantly shoot up. Even the “budget carriers’ have huge prices for the February half term weeks if flying from UK to Zurich / Geneva / Innsbruck airports. 

But do not worry, there are some ways around it. Here are a few tips on how you can beat the flight prices….

  • Look for an operator that includes the cost of flights and transfers in the cost of the holiday. Believe it or not, this is done solely for the benefit of the traveller and is usually a generous offer from the operator. 
  • Look for offers that allow you to fly outside of the peak weekend dates – when the flight prices are at there highest. Could you fly on the Friday evening perhaps? 
  • Explore all options for airports you can fly into – it may mean a slightly longer transfer once you land but it can be worth it for a cheaper flight
  • Consider chartering a private plane – you may laugh, but if you are travelling as a larger group it could actually be better value and a better experience than the scheduled flight prices!


How can we help you avoid high flight prices at half term?


Chalet Eden Rock, St Anton

eden rock st anton

The Swimming Pool in the Eden Rock

Look no further than the beautiful Chalet Eden Rock, where we are including flights and transfers at either one of the individual chalets: Chalet Zari (sleeps 6), Chalet Ariane (sleeps 6) and Chalet Kanzi (sleeps 8) or book the Eden Rock exclusively (sleeps up to 20). 

Flights will be into Innsbruck or Zurich, whichever offers the best option and availability at the time of booking and transfers will be private transfers direct from airport to the chalet. 

As an extra special treat we have exclusive access to a private plane and are willing to include this luxury experience when group of 18 or 19 people are booking the Eden Rock exclusively. Be flown by your very own private plane, directly into Innsbruck airport from a private air field, collected and whisked off to your most luxurious chalet. What a way to start your holidays!

Chalet Montfort, St Anton

Chalet Montfort Living Room 2

If you can travel outside of the peak weekend dates, then consider our offer at Chalet Montfort, the best, centrally located chalet in the resort. 

It was a such a success last year that we are offering the same again this year. The chalet is being sold on an individual rooms basis and you can arrive anytime between the 9th and 12th February and stay for 7 nights! That should really help to control the cost of the flights! 

We very much look forward to hearing from you and hope our tips and offers will help your decision for your half term holidays!

Call us on +44(0)1730 887547 to book today!

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