Winter Season or An International Recall?

Winter Season or An International Recall?

Winter is soon upon us, make no mistake. The days are getting colder in the Alps, the London Ski Show is due to start next week. Journalists are already writing their winter articles, people are planning their holidays and ski trips and its great to hear reports that skiing is still in the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. Skiers are skiers at the end of the day, or “Winter Sportsters” are Winter Sportsters I guess (if being politically correct). Most people will give up a summer holiday if it means they get to keep their week in the snow.

Resorts like St Anton, Courchevel, Lech, Verbier will always be popular and people will never be disappointed in what they find when they get there. These are places that more than live up to their hype.

Unlike the England football team. All the hype and excitement about a “new team” and how we have the “youngsters coming through” and now we are playing “exciting football” again. Well last night they did not live up to the hype, not even close. It has prompted me to take back a statement I wrote on the worlds favourite Face Book a few months ago, announcing my retirement from international football…..and has also prompted me to release this statement:

Dear Mr Capello & The Chairman of the F.A,

I am no longer retired from International Football. I have brought myself back from the wilderness and am ready to serve again. The time has come to try something you have never thought of trying before…, in the centre of midfield. Injuries aside, I reckon I would give the Spanish, Germans, Portuguese, Montenegrins and maybe even the French something else to laugh at and maybe take the pressure of our “stars” who seem to fade away when the pressure to perform is on…..

Alternatively, a bit of winter training in the Alps would perhaps do wonders for our players, seen as you all missed out on the last trip to Austria (!).

Kaluma Travel would extend an open invite to all the players to come and see how you can live up to all the hype surrounding a big event.

Seriously though, there are offers a plenty flying around at the moment, with people looking for the best option and possibly the cheapest option for their next winter ski trip. Just remember that cheap isn’t always best. Big isn’t always better. You get what you pay for and good things come in small packages. Our services are second to none!


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