What’s it like working for Kaluma?

What’s it like working for Kaluma?

Don’t just take our word for it….

A season working in the Alps will be one of the best experiences of your life, but with so many companies to choose from, deciding who to work for can be an overwhelming decision.

Naturally, we think you should choose Kaluma and promise you will have the time of your life, but don’t just take our word for it….

“It is hard to find the words to sum up my time working for Kaluma. I’d thought long and hard about whether or not to do a ski season as for me, it meant leaving a secure job and my life at home behind, but it turned out to be the best decision of my life. Kaluma are a great company to work for, you work hard but Kaluma really do look after you. They work really hard to find a group of people who not only work well together but quickly become the greatest friends. I really have made friends for life. What’s more; being able to ski the incredible three valleys for 5 months is the greatest perk a job could have. There is nothing quite like popping your skis on, meeting your friends on the mountain and spending a few hours exploring such a beautiful area. Stop hesitating and DO IT”

– Tor Peters.

“Beyond falling in love with skiing, I fell in love with being a Chalet Host (yes, it is possible to love cleaning toilets and getting obsessive with toothpick deep cleans…). I spent my days getting to know and being inspired by my guests. We often had so much fun with them that when Sunday came round, we were waving our transfers away reluctantly.”

– Shona Buchanan.

“The friends I made on ski season and with Kaluma are definitely lifelong ones – you can’t go through that many 7am bleary-eyed bakery runs, skis between shifts and a knocked up leftover Christmas dinner eaten out of the pans without coming out the other side well and truly bonded!”

– Jan Mackie.

“I am definitely wanting to return next season. I wouldn’t want to work for anyone else

– Megan Smith.

“Kaluma is a fantastic company with a great work ethic. It’s obvious they care for their staff, which enables their staff to show the utmost care for the guests. If you are prepared to work hard and play hard, then you are guaranteed to have a fantastic season working for Kaluma.”

– Frankie Doughty


“I thoroughly enjoyed working for Kaluma, I always felt valued as an employee and was proud of the product and level of service we provided. Knowing that a number of our guests expressed that that wanted to book again for the next season re-enforced this and I would love to be a part of it again!”

– Emma Smith


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