Top 10 Apres Ski Hits

Corporate Event St Anton

Top 10 Apres Ski Hits

Corporate Event St Anton

Top 10 Apres Ski Hits

Some you will know, some you will never have heard of. Some you will love and most you will probably hate! I’ve lost count of the number of people we see buy an après ski hits CD while in resort and almost guarantee they will never ever play it once back on UK soil!

I think Austria / Germany / Netherlands have some of the worst taste in Apres music so therefore this poll was taken from a German and Austrian website, and all votes were real.

The results:

1.) So a schöner Tag (Fliegerlied) Donikkl
2.) Amsterdam Axel Fischer
3.) Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen Vollker Racho
4.) Hey, Wir Woll’n Die Eisbaeren Seh’n Sound Convoy
5.) Das geht ab (Wir feiern die ganze Nacht) Die Atzen
6.) J’adore Hardcore (Radio Edit) Scooter
7.) Kenn Nicht Deinen Namen – Scheissegal Peter Wackel
8.) How Does It Feel Michael Mind Project
9.) Das Rote Pferd (Apres Ski Mix) Markus Becker
10.) Noch in 100.000 Jahren


How many do you know? If its more then 3 – then you are a true après ski hits fan!

Honorable mentions over some extensive research over many years and certainly more favorable on the ear drums, at least to the English speaking world:

Anything by Whitesnake / Bon Jovi / Europe or any other rock type band that means you can air guitar to your hearts content.

Most cheesy 80’s tunes that have been given a slightly modern techno back beat to make them more “dancey”

Classics from the likes of Bruce Springstein, Tina Turner, Kylie, Michael Jackson, Kriss Kross (yes you know it!), Bros, Abba all seem to get a new lease of life in a ski resort.

As long as it gets you up, singing and dancing in your ski boots then the music has done its job!

Some of the best Apres Ski Bars in the Alps:

Mooserwirt, Krazy Kanguruh, Schatzi Bar, The Londoner, Franzi’z Hut, Folie Douce, The Banana Bar, The Rond Point, La Rouge, The Farinet, Tannberger Ice Bar, Micro Brewery Chamonix  to name but a few!

What’s your fav après ski hit? What gets you up and dancing?



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