The ‘Mindful’ Skier

Here at Kaluma we are reflecting on a more mindful approach to the sport that we know and love seeing what can be done to participate towards a more eco friendly way of traveling and skiing.


Ski-resorts across the world are in a race to become ‘green’. France and Austria are strong contenders, the Austrian Tyrol and the world famous Arlberg region is a European leader in eco-friendly skiing. The Arlberg’s production of artificial snow is commended for it’s positive environmental impact; is taken from reservoirs and rivers fed by melt water, which undergo environmental impact assessments ensuring wildlife isn’t affected. Furthermore, no chemicals or proteins are added to help it freeze in higher temperatures, and the water is filtered before being deposited on the mountain to ensure there is no damage to plant life. The Arlberg is also paving the way in its approach to the production of green energy; Lech has been commended for reducing its CO2 emissions thanks to 4 new biomass plants. These plants provide 80% of the heat and hot water needed to fuel the villages of Lech, Zug and Zurs.

Lech, Austria


The airlines are getting on board with the green movement with newer fleets, which have less of an impact on emissions and utilising all available space in the aircrafts.

If you are after the more scenic route the Eurostar runs from St Pancras to the French Alps arriving in Moûtiers, Aime-la-Plagne and Bourg-Saint-Maurice where you can get a coach to many of the top ski resorts (including Courchevel 1850). Another benefit to this mode of travel is that the snow-train runs overnight, adding two whole ski days to your holiday!

If you do fly however, it’s worth thinking about your transport once you touch down. In St Anton the centrally located train-station takes you directly from Innsbruck in just over an hours straight to the resort.The pedestrianised high-streets, means that cars are virtually redundant! 

The Eurostar


Here are a few of Kaluma’s top ski gear recommendations from companies that are leading the way in the sustainable movement for fashion on the slopes.

For skis and boards Liberty skis and Arbor Boards are now using eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and other sustainably harvested woods which are growing in trend and are kinder to the environment even in their after life. You can even get your hands on eco friendly ski/snowboard wax

Liberty Skis

Liberty Skis

Another way in which you can think about your impact on the environment is through your choice of clothing, go for companies who commit to reducing their carbon footprint, to their corporate responsibility, or who’s products are made from 100% recycled, organic or responsibly sourced materials. You can’t fail with Picture Organic Clothing or Patagonia who are market leaders in this area, who’s gear also looks great! Once you have invested in this seasons snazziest-sallopets, think about donating your old pair to SWAG (Sharing Warmth Around the Globe), a charity dedicated to the distribution of retired ski resort uniforms to those in need in cold weather countries 

Plastic bottles     

Who needs plastic bottles of water when we have access to the freshest, coldest, most delicious water on the planet! This is a topic that we at Kaluma feel so strongly about and are proud to say that in the 18/19 season we will be giving every guest a re-usable, bottle which can be filled directly from the taps with fresh mountain water. You can take your bottles home with you, to use in the gym, at work, on the school run.

Kaluma Water Bottles

Signing off, The Happy “Greener” skier


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