The Kaluma Krew and Early Snow!

The Kaluma Krew and Early Snow!

The staff arrived for the winter and what a top bunch they are! It looks like another good winter season in the Villa Montfort in St Anton for Kaluma Travel. First guests arrive on Wednesday and all seem raring to go. The usual drunken nights out have ensued and the gossip I am sure will be spreading like wild-fire soon enough!

The snow has been fantastic so far and a huge dump last night, over 20cms in the village alone was a welcome sight when peeling back the curtains this morning. More snow in one December dump than I think St Anton had all last season.

We’ve already had the trauma of the late flights (staff flights) and cancelled flights (staff fights) so we’re used to that already. We’ve had the late nights and the hangover and the early start for work, that sees to have worked out OK, we havent had any tears or tantrums yet but sure there’s time for that!

We’ve had the first Kaluma Team Ski Day, a few hours in the morning, a long lunch at the Hospiz Alm in St Christoph, one more run and apres ski in the KK. Standard really….!

The Krampus run was in town the other day, a perfect excuse for locals to dress up as scary devil like monsters and beat up kids younger than themselves without fear of reprisal, because, hey, its tradition!! Imagine morris dancers, with scary masks, beating young kids with their bell sticks and white hankies just because they can (!). Hey, its tradition, get over it!

A few pics to make you jealous. The first Kaluma Ski Day in St Anton and the Kaluma Team in front of the only 6 bottles of 51,000 euro wine on the market! Good times!

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