The K Factor…..

The K Factor…..

This came to me in a flash of inspiration….actually it came to me half way through a very long league tennis match in Kitzbuhel (Austria). It was 5 games all in the first set of the deciding game for the Kitzbuhel Tennis Club. It was my debut this season. I needed full concentration and all my energy reserves. It was a roasting hot mid day game and I was already deeply regretting the England match, the beers and the 4am finish the night before.

The rest of the team were cheering me on and trying to motivate me. I looked down, sweat dripping off my forehead, when I saw it. There, written on the side of my new Wilson tennis racket….”The K Factor, making a difference”.  Referring to the new stringing system for extra “kontrol”. My mind read it in a different way, the K Factor….the Kaluma Factor, we make all the difference.

With my mind racing with new ideas, I went out for the next game and promtly lost the set 7-5. Opps.

But I was still thinking of the K Factor and “making a difference”. I liked the tag line. A I truely believe (or I wouldnt still be doing it) that what we do at Kaluma Travel, is really make a difference to peoples holidays. We go the extra mile to make sure guests come first, that their holidays and experiences are the best they can be. I’m confident that we do it better then any other company out there and believe that is the main reason we have so many regular and returning guests.

No doubt our staff each winter are vital to “The K Factor” and we have been very lucky in our staff in the past few seasons, long may it continue. Spreading the good word of Kaluma and the K Factor…

By the way, I went on to win the tennis 2 sets to 1, taking Kitzbuhel to within 3 points of the top of the league. One more win next week and we win the league! just incase you were wondering….

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