Ten Top Tips

Ten Top Tips

Top 10 winter tips

We have seen and heard lot of things in the last 10 years of arranging holidays and ski trips (and that’s just with Kaluma). Some tips we would pass on:

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1.  Listen to and take the advice of a local (or a Kaluma rep!) as they really know what’s what and how you can get the very best out of your holiday. Quite often, it is the non tourist places (bars, restaurants, slopes, shops) that offer you a real memorable experience. At Kaluma we really do want to offer you the best experience and advice so that you can get the very best out of your holiday.

2.  Never go off piste on your own – and ideally always take a local guide with you as well. If you want to explore, they really are great value and you will get so much more out of your ski day.



3. Never force yourself to do “just one more run” – if you’re tired at the end of a day and your body is tired, then its time to stop…don’t force yourself as that is when we have seen the most injuries happen.

4. Try not to get “first night burnout”. By that we mean don’t go hell for leather on the first night, drinking every local alcoholic drink you can and dancing until the early hours! You will ruin your first day on the slopes! Pace yourself!

5. Hand warmers and boot warmers can be godsends on cold cold mountain days. The difference between loving your skiing and never wanting to go out again!



6. Sun Cream and particularly lip salve with sun protection. Just because you’re in the mountains and its cold, you will still get burnt….cream up, you’ll thank us for it!

7. Always wear more then less and be prepared to layer up for a cold day. You can always de-layer if too warm, you cant warm yourself up when on the hill.

8. Chairlift nibbles or tipples. Whether it’s a mini choc bar, a few sweets, a bit of cake or a hipflask with your favorite mountain tipple, you ‘ll love it and any ski friends or new lift friends will love you for them as well!

9. Helicopters are cool and heli skiing is great fun and a great experience. If you are good enough and get the opportunity, do it, as you will love it and always remember it.




10.If something is wrong in resort or with your holiday, please please let us know right away. If its something in the chalet or hotel or if something just isn’t right. If we know right away, we can always do something about it and will always find a solution. If we don’t hear about it until after your holiday, we feel bad and there is nothing we can do!

Quite simply, BOOK WITH KALUMA, we wont let you down! Impartial advice, expert advice and we genuinely want you to have a great holiday experience.

Had to finish with a good plug for the company!

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