Summer in the Alps

Summer in the Alps

With the winter months well and truly behind us now, it seems so long ago! Especially when in the Alps! Temperatures in the early 30’s the last few days make the powder days seem even further behind! The Alps really are a stunning location in the summers as well, for those that have never visited, I highly recommend it. Its also quite a fun experience to actually see the slopes you ski on, without snow on them and its then you actually realise how steep a blue run actually is!!

Golfing, mountain biking, tennis, hiking, trekking, climbing, rafting, canyonning, horseriding to name but a few of the activities you can do in the summers in the mountains! For those that love the outdoor life, a long weekend in the hills could be just what the doctor ordered!

It certianly works for me!!

For us at Kaluma however, the winter never really stops. e are already planning and preparing for next winter and December comes around quicker than you would imagine! Web developments, new products, new hotels, new ideas on how we can improve on the season before….all comments and suggestions are welcome by the way! Well, the constructive ones anyhow…..

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