Snow, snow EVERYWHERE!!!!

Snow, snow EVERYWHERE!!!!

What a snow–sure season we are having in the Alps! So much has fallen already. In 4 days we had more snow in St Anton then the whole of last winter! Now the skies are blue, the snow shovelling has finished and the skiing is fantastic.

In St Anton we had our first big corporate ski weekend, with two big groups loving the conditions. We managed to ski one of the Arlberg Classic route, from the top of Valluga into Zurs, a truely lovely run, away from the crowds and only accessible with a fully qualified mountain guide! Fresh tracks, fresh snow and peace and quiet, stunning! The guests loved it.

Great lunches and dinners and après ski in all our favourite bars and restaurants helped make it a weekend to remember.

More snow is forecast for the Alps this weekend another potential meter of snow! Wow…..that would be great, but it would be good if it doesn’t disrupt the transport services to much!

Please don’t believe all you read in the papers, it was interesting to see one of the papers reporting on Austria and using a picture of Japan from 2 or 3 years ago…..the chaos was nowhere near as bad as the papers made out, all was under control and a few resorts were in lock down….but hey, where would you rather be stuck….behind a desk or in the Alps…? I know my answer!

So if you want an accurate, up to date report, get in touch with Kaluma Travel and we will tell you exactly what is happening and where in the Alps, from our team on the ground. With more snow forecast, it is sure to be an awesome few weeks of skiing ahead.


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