Ski Chic Service

The group WhatsApp pings on a Thursday afternoon when you’re still sat at your desk.

“Kaluma Travel have a last minute weekend deal in Courchevel, who’s up for a ski trip….in other words let’s jump on a plane tonight”.

You grab your bag and rifle through it; passport, check, wallet, check… you even have your favourite sunglasses on you! You check flights and see there is a BA flight leaving Gatwick and getting into Geneva at the same time as your friends, however, it gives you no time to go home and fetch your ski clothes! Have no fear, here at Kaluma we have tried and tested the most fantastic thing to hit the French Alps since the Folie Douce. As three girls who are extremely picky about our ski clothes, we were delighted with not only the quality of brands but the overall exceptional service. This is a space saver, time saver and in some situations life saver if you have forgotten anything.


Ski Chic* headed up by the innovative Jordan Valentin provides a one stop shop for anyone either not wanting to travel with the bulk of their ski clothes or don’t really want to splash out on a complete outfit. It’s super easy to navigate the site and lets you pick your favourite look and if you don’t really know your size you simply add in where you usually shop and what sizes you wear, and they can then gauge your appropriate size by brand. Ski Chic work with Fusalp, Peak Performance, Poivre Blanc, Bollé, Quicksilver plus many more. The best bit about the whole process is that a smartly packaged case with all your kit including trousers, jacket, gloves and goggles turns up at your chalet/hotel ready for you to put on and hit the slopes looking fantastic. We really couldn’t recommend this service enough as at the end of the trip you simply pack it all back up in its case and it then gets picked up and you are happily on your way home travelling light.


*ski chic only operates at the moment in selected resorts


To speak to one of our ski specialists and find out about ski holidays please call 01730 260 263



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