The Run Of Fame – The Arlberg’s Latest Offering

The Run Of Fame – The Arlberg’s Latest Offering

For all those that have skied in the Arlberg and got fed up of the busy bus queues, the fight to get a seat on the bus between Alpe Rauz and Zurs or refused to pay the money for the bus between St Anton and Lech (because of the towns historical political snobbery they have never been free (!)), and ended up in an overpriced resort taxi to take you to ski in Lech and back again – well, it’s all changed for winter 2016-17!

What’s New

With a new super lift station in Alpe Rauz, (just above Stuben) you will be able to get directly to the top of Stuben in one quick gondola ride. For those that loved the off-piste of Stuben, it is potentially opening up an off-piste paradise to all and sundry, but certainly makes this great little resort so much more accessible.

Even better

The new connection will also take you from Alpe Rauz to the top of the Trittkopf in Zurs. This cuts out the need to get the bus at all, making the Arlberg one of the biggest linked ski areas in Austria! As Zurs is linked to Lech and Lech now linked to Warth (a great little gem of a ski resort) there is no need for the bus, but perhaps still the need for a taxi back afterwards. If skied directly you can get from St Anton to Warth in 65km of skiing….

The Run of Fame

This new lift has given rise to the Run Of Fame. The name given when you ski directly from the top of Rendl (St Anton) all the way to Warth/Schrocken. A total of 65km of skiing and 18,000 meters of altitude difference on the way! Why the “Run of Fame” you ask? Well, it’s dedicated to all the ski stars of the Arlberg who have helped make this region so famous.

What’s Next – the Kaluma Challenge?

Surely the next challenge is to ski as much as possible and cover as much ground as you can in one day across the Arlberg? Could you ski every run the Arlberg has to offer, from St Anton to Warth, taking in St Christoph, Stuben, Zurs and Lech on the way? We’re certainly up for the challenge!

Or, how quickly can you ski the Run of Fame? There will be a race every year called the Hunt for Fame – details to be released soon. Could you possibly ski it both ways? Ski from Rendl, to Warth and back again in a day? Packed lunches on the chair lifts I reckon, but what a days skiing it would be!

Make it one of your Kaluma Ski Guiding days? We’ll be up for the challenge – are you?

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    Hey! Thanks for the great article. We tried it out and managed to complete Run of Fame in March! It took us about 7.5 hours to go from St. Anton to Warth and all the way back. We were rushing all day, but it was totally worth it! We documented the enite experience here if you want to see it:

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