Resort Dynamics. Never get confused again….

Resort Dynamics. Never get confused again….

The Love Ski v’s The Ski Date

The season is underway. Seasonnaires, both young and old are either in St Anton or Courchevel or any resort really for their first time, or back again for another winter. The first few weeks of a season are as sociable as you’re going to find anywhere! Opening parties, free drinks, cheap drinks, the town becomes like a Saturday night in the local Ritzy nightclub…..a meat market! On the hunt for the “season girlfriend/boyfriend” and more than happy to try as many possible variations before finding “the one”.

For those that don’t have success with the tried and trusted method of “tequila?…more tequila?, another one? and lunge…..” then the more civilised approach would be to offer the “other person” a days skiing together.

However…many an unsuspecting soul may have been confused when the “chairlift lunge” or the “cuddle in the cold” or the offer of the camel pack and the ingenious line “would you like to suck on my pipe”, don’t actually work. you could be forgiven for thinking you are on a “love ski” when in fact, you’re just on a “ski date”

Ski Date: Quite simply two people (usually opposite sex) meeting up for a social ski and a chat/catch up. Maybe a bit of lunch and a bit more skiing. “Lets make a ski date”  “Ski date tomorrow, 9am” “10am at top of the lift, it’s a date….it’s a ski date” etc etc….

Love Ski: Two people, mutually attracted to each other (maybe even a couple already) go for a bit of private ski time.  Chance for bloke to show off to bird and impress with full array of tricks and banter (or vice versa). Apres ski, get drunk and settle in for an early night together.  OR  You invite someone you are attracted to and want to make “the one” (or at least give them a test drive) on a ski and attempt to turn it into a love ski, by full array of peacocking, tricks, flips, cuddling up on the lifts…so those legs are touching (you know it!!) buying lunch and then getting drunk at apres ski and attempting to get the love ski interest home for an early bath (literally).

So there it is, don’t get confused again.

The snow has been great and the weather cold across the alps and with Christmas fast approaching, there is still a ski deal or two to be had!

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