Mouvember in a Ski Resort……why we love/hate it so much….

Mouvember in a Ski Resort……why we love/hate it so much….

November in ski resorts is usually a pretty quiet and dreary kind of time to be there. There are definitely some benefits and definitely some “non-benefits”:


Great to see your mates and actually get to chat and catch up properly

Quiet enough in town that you can get your work done and prepare for the season ahead

The gym is quiet so it’s not quite so embarrassing sweating out that pre season excess!

When you get drunk, you get really drunk!

You get to catch up on all the box sets and films you havent seen in the past year as the town is so so quiet!

Domino Day

Mouvember, seeing people who clearly love to look foolish, doing something for a good cause. Growing a moustache to look somehow like Magnum P.I for a month becomes cool and fun and anyone who is willing to do that for a worthwhile charity, then I’m all in favour of them looking fools! For those that don’t do it for charity and just to look foolish, fair play still….we all love Mouvember!!

“Non” Benefits:

When you see your mates and catch up, you inevitably end up getting drunk

Finding a bar that is open to catch up with mates on a weeknight is quite tricky, so you get drunk at home

“Last minute and stress” go hand in hand for Austrians. I have never fully understood why they have all summer (6 months really) to do all their renovations, changes, build new saunas, put in new showers, knock down walls, build a roof, fix the damp, paint the walls etc….Yet they decide to do it in November, when its cold, dark, wet and miserable and you can’t find a plumber or a joiner for love nor money, unless you join the local mafiosa and are willing to pay well over the odds to get a job done, because every other person is in exactly the same boat and there aren’t enough workers to do the work required!   So getting your head down and working can be frustrating.

Domino Day being cancelled in 2010 because of a recession (the domino gods shine brightly on Shane and the Funky Chicken crew though, as they bid to revive this historic Mouvember event)

When you get drunk, you get really drunk!

As the month goes on, more and more people join the gym as there is nothing else to do and it becomes more of a social club then a workout. Benefit/non benefit!!

Anyway, it has been snowing and raining and the sun has also been shining, The serious ones amongst us plan to head on a ski tour/hike to the snowy peaks, while the not so serious get carried away arguing with builders!

There is lots of building still going on in St Anton and I believe the same in Courchevel. The snow is falling in Courch and has done for the past 2 days. Weather is getting colder in St Anton and snow is due this weekend. Great for all those still fixing roofs and trying to dry the damp spots!

The season draws ever closer, when for the next four and a bit months your time is most definitely not your own and before you know it, it’s April again! So much to pack into those four and a half months, if you are doing a season for the first time, it will be the best four and half months of your life.

If this just so happens to be your 14th season, you may well be looking forward to Mouvember the 1st all too soon!!

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