Mince Pies, Christmas Parties, Ski Resorts, Golf and Resort Staff….

Mince Pies, Christmas Parties, Ski Resorts, Golf and Resort Staff….

So, it’s nearly Christmas. Seriously, it really is nearly Christmas. We even had mince pies in the Kaluma Travel HQ today, that’s how Christmassie it really is…..! In fact, we’re even having a Christmas party tonight. Team night out. Why so early, well two of us leave for the Alps pretty soon (St Anton & Courchevel), that leaves two in the office and that’s not really a party is it! Unless it was me and Megan Fox, now that would be a party!

If it’s nearly Christmas, it’ also nearly season start time too!

Facebook is alight with everyone preparing for their season. Everyone gets excited. The snow that came last week and got everyone’s wax twitching, has, predictably, melted already! But rest assured, the weather is due to take a turn for the better (or worse..depending how you look at it) and get colder and snow again next week.

Since the last update we’ve played golf. Team Kaluma took the Alpine Specialist Team apart, shot by shot, hole by hole. The Specialist finally admitted defeat by the 4th hole I think and left Team K Austria and Team K France to battle it out for the honours. Team K France played out of his skin,literally, and claimed the title of Kaluma Champ for the final golf day of the summer. As you can imagine, that sat with me about as well as a beginner on a black run! Enough said….except that Team K will offer out a challenge to anyone else who fancies being beaten next summer….we’re on a roll!

Everyone gets excited about a new job. Everyone gets excited about working in a new country, especially in a ski resort. But no one gets as excited  as old/regular resort workers and the expectant arrival of new younger, more exciting staff turning up in “their resort”. The usual warnings are dished out, “look out for so and so” “ohh, don’t talk to him!” and the questions; “How fit’s your chalet host?” “Which bar-staff are working this year” etc etc…you get the picture.

Well Team Kaluma are pretty much fully staffed for the coming winter, for the Maisonnee A&B and the Villa Motfort and all are looking forward to getting out to resort. I think I’ll save it until the next blog to give you a run down of Team K for winter 2010/11…..shut the ski shed doors boys!

Anyhow, the ferry is booked, the car is loaded, the season is about to start!

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