Luxury Tailor Made Experiences

What is a “luxury tailor made experience”? If it’s a phrase you are not used to, then maybe it’s time to start doing your research. It’s one of the fastest growing “trends in travel”.

More and more people are looking for ‘more than just a holiday’. The luxury traveller wants an experience. Something to remember. It’s no longer a thrill to stay in stunning hotels in well travelled destinations.

The well trodden beaches of desirable island get-a-ways are fast becoming old school luxury. The modern luxury traveller wants a memory, an experience, a dinner party hot topic and a bit of a thrill at the same time.

Luxury can present itself as every detail having been considered in detail and pre-arranged.  All you have to do is get yourself to the airport…..or at least sit back and allow your driver to steer you there.

The chance to do something different, something amazing, create a memory and not have to worry once about the logistics, the organisation, the accommodation or an itinerary. It has all been taken care of by your very own team of experts.

The dates are set, the itinerary is set and the plans are in place. All you need to do, is commit.

These luxury tours are perfect for all types of traveller. Groups of six or more can have their own private tour if they wish, couples can join with other couples and meet new like minded travellers sharing a great new adventure or individuals can enjoy the company of others and benefit from a ready made group adventure.

We’ve been a little bit ahead of the curve at Kaluma and are offering trips that no one else is offering.

Bespoke Luxury Tours to the Dolomites

Staying in refugio’s (mountain huts) with a twist. Some are rustic and traditional and some are spacious and luxurious. Waking up at 3000m to watch the sun rise over the Dolomites is an experience that can’t be recommended highly enough. All the refugios benefit from amazing cuisine. Gourmet chefs atop the Dolomites, simply stunning.

This is a trip that you could not put together yourself. You need the expertise of a company like Kaluma and the Dolomite Mountain team to manage all the logistics. Your bags from hut to hut, your local guides and your taxi buses between resorts and mountain ranges.

This trip is a one of a kind and one we know you will love.

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Luxury Heli-Ski Experience

Heli-skiing has long been a dream of many a skier. Often unobtainable because of the pricing and the distance you need to travel. Usually associated with the rugged outback of the Rockies, British Columbia or way up north in Alaska.

Well Kaluma have put together an exciting itinerary in the Spanish Pyrenees. YES – you heard that right, heli-skiing in the Spanish Pyrenees in Baqueira Beret. An incredible, off the beaten track maybe even unheard of ski resort boasting the only Atlantic facing slopes in the Pyenees. Bringing with it a higher average snowfall then most of the Alpine resorts!

The chance to ski a new destination with local guides and fly in helicopters to remote, peaceful, quiet terrain is a luxury most skiers crave.  This itinerary is action packed with helicopters, ski touring, skidoos, remote restaurants, hidden rufuges and linked in with some fantastic tapas and divine local food.

This is a chance to experience an adrenaline packed type of luxury tour, a lovely hotel and something the next dinner party guests would love to hear about!

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The Best of Japan

Going skiing in Japan takes some commitment, but it is massively worth it.

Our goal with this trip is to give the very best experience possible of any Japanese ski odyssey. Taking advantage of great properties, right in the heart of the best ski region, acting as a base for the adventure of a lifetime. Experienced guides are on hand every single day, with 4×4’s if needed, taking you to the very best conditions on any given day. On and off piste, the snow is a headline act – guaranteeing the very best chance to find the legendary ‘dry powder’ that is the treasure trove to so many of us.

Expect to come back with the best ski photos of your lives. You’ll be as amazed by the food, the kindly nature of the resort teams and by the Onsen natural spas. It’s a magical trip and worth the flight time.

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Hurry up, places are limited and we only have 1 month left to confirm our numbers.


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