Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow……

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow……

No rants I promise.

The London Ski Show has always kind of marked the start of the “ski season” and this years show seemed a big success again. Perhaps the most enlightening info I learned this year was from a very over excited sales rep for Snow+Rock, who had gret pleasure in telling me this years fashion is “Really loud trousers and sensible jackets”. “Tone down the jacket and go crazy with the pants”. Clearly he hasn’t lived in a resort for several years as that is what most of my ski buddies have been wearing for years…..along with some electrical tape sticking together holes of course, as that is “proper cool”.

So, that’s the way forward, Loud Trousers. you heard from me (and Snow+Rock) first! Always been the forefront of fashion tips. I thank you.

It’s not often I get excited about snow this early in the season. It usually comes, stays around for a few hours, then melts! Everyone gets massively excited about the fact the webcams are white, and powdery looking, then surprised when it all disappears again!

Its cold enough for the snow to hang around, proper cold actually. Here is a picture from our St Anton neighbours, showing our Chalet Villa Montfort in its pre season glory, covered in snow!


So with snow falling in the Alps, whats the obvious thing to do….play golf. Kaluma Ski will hopefully continue their dominance of the industry golf challenges and are taking on The Alpine Specialist later this week. Sure you cant wait to find out the result.

What I’ve learnt thanks to the Ski Show:

1. Loud trousers are in!

2. £3.95 is a lot to pay for a small bottle of rubbish beer

3. Venison and apple burgers are GREAT

4. Heston Blumenthal forgot to promote the 3 Valleys stand he was “representing” while talking about his fav places to eat and ski in the Alps!

5. £3.95 really is a lot of money for a rubbish small beer

6. When someone says “come to our stand for free drinks and food” it actually means, “come for a couple of twiglets and listen to me talk” (you know who you are……BG)

7. There is a great buzz in and around the sk industry again, which can only be a good thing!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow……

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