Kaluma Profile……The lovely Miss V King

Kaluma Profile……The lovely Miss V King

Kaluma asked some of our staff from the past winter season 2009/10, from both Courchevel and St Anton to write a few words for the blog. First to reply was the “V Dog”….Head Host for the Villa Montfort in St Anton am Arlberg.

Name: Verity King

Nickname: V Dog, V, Pro Ho, Trees

Ski or Board: Skier who never gets bored

Likes: Pro Skiers/boarders/tall Scandies

Dislikes: Getting up in the morning

Here is what she said…..

“The best thing about working a season for Kaluma? Where to begin…

Well, there’s the living in the super sweet Chalet Montfort, having a legend for a manager, working with the best chalet team in Anton, eating Drew’s lush food everyday, learning from his mastery in the kitchen, riding pow with the K crew, drinking with the K crew, dancing with Thunderbird Diesel, eating out in the best places in town, night-hiking…. It’s the three days off a week, getting to know everyone in resort through said local legend, not doing transfers, hosting happy guests, indulging in the odd cheeky chalet sauna, cleaning toilets… It’s joining well-fed guests for a hard-earned beverage after finishing dinner service, living so close to Spar (that one’s for Rob), chilling with mates in K Bar, smashing glasses just for fun (joke Andy!), sharing an awesome flat with Best Chalet Boy and Beano the Rep, the unique ski-sock aroma from said rep’s bedroom…. It’s Drew’s irresistible poached eggs, his duck dish, red snapper (move over Arl Rock!), his sticky toffee pud, his flapjacks, not forgetting his lamb tagine… The wake-up calls from Andy B, not getting fired by Andy B, working with the two best chalet girls ever who never slept in, serving dinner in a toga on dress-up night (hard to wash up in), being hooked up with Dumont and TJ by my awesome manager, being introduced to K Bombs, hiking Hochkar, not wearing a gimpy uniform… Kitchen confessional, boat-building in the kitchen during slow dinner service, peep show during prep, Drew’s (Jewish) music, Drew’s dancing, Drew’s prawn wraps, Drew’s croquetas de jamon, eating in the Museum, eating at the Hospiz, boot warmers, bonuses and Butters. Why did I give this up again?”

Good words from a good girl! Trees is training hard to be a teacher now. Secretly Kaluma are hoping “it’s not for her” and there is one more season left in her!!

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