It’s the little things in life….

It’s the little things in life….

It’s snowing, it’s snowing everywhere! It’s even snowing lots in Hampshire! So much that we had to close the Kaluma HQ because our team couldn’t make it to work! So one of those “working from home days” we all talk about! But with all this early season snow, the season promises to start with a few powder days, so the first guests ae going to be more than happy! Courchevel has heaps and heaps of fresh stuff. Roads are closing but pistes are opening. St Anton has its fair share as well (although not as much) and despite the blue sky day today, more snow is on the way!

Good things come in small packages, I’m a bloke, so I truly believe in that saying (!!), but it really is the little things in life and the small touches that make you smile and feel welcome. (take that how you will!) I’ll explain…..

Our St Anton staff arrived the other day. Sadly most of them were very very late due to a “dusting” of snow in London, flights got cancelled and the “icey wings” excuse got thrown into the mix. We also had someone arrive from Australia, into Munich in the early hours of the morning. I picked her up but stayed in a very reputable airport hotel the night before. Checked in, standard receptionist, pretty and polite. Got to the room, smart and clean as expected. Turned the TV on, has my name on it and a welcome note. Simple, small, effective, loved it. Always makes me smile. Much in the same way as I marvel at how a fax machine works! Brilliant.

Hotel was deserted, so so quiet, it felt empty and cold and I felt lonely (ahhhh) and lost. Went for a swim and sauna, empty, felt like a scary movie. Wasn’t really enjoying th “hotel experience” I wanted. Had dinner at the bar. I was thar sad lonely person eating and drinking alone, where anyone else would have had that conversation we have all had …”look at the saddo, probably a bit odd, sat on his own.”

But the bar maid was so very friendly, the staff were so welcoming, the food was ace and the service was brilliant. Little touches like 20% discount, a free drink, nothing was too much trouble and they were all smiley and happy. As they should be as they were probably so bored…..but, it swung me round and I enjoyed the evening.

Checkout was easy, even at 04.30, and the reception could not have been friendlier or more accommodating…

I started the evening thinking I was a bit odd for staying in a hotel on my tod, but left thinking I would definitely go back again. The little things, they make me smile!

Glad you read this blog post….??

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