Q&A with Zoë de Pass aka ‘Dress Like a Mum’

Just as the Christmas trees were taken down and all seemed a little bit grey in the world, four women embarked on a three-day ski trip with Kaluma to St Anton.

Zoe (Dress Like a Mum), Clemmie, Nat (Style me Sunday) and Cat (Not So Smug Now) braved the 4am alarm clocks to get on an early flight to Innsbruck where rumour had it the snow was falling thick and fast, and it was almost a race to get them in before they, well, couldn’t! Oh…. did we mention that they also had two under one year olds with them, the gorgeous Kit and Greta .We had been talking to Zoe and Clemmie towards the end of last year as they were desperate for a ski trip but just couldn’t work out the logistics with two little ones. However, we knew we would be able to make this work as we had our secret weapon Sarah from Alpine Angels, one of our trusty child care partners. We knew the girls and babies were in very good hands. 

We caught up with Zoe a couple of days ago to see how she found skiing with a little one and also if she had any top tips for anyone thinking of a ski trip with children.

Kaluma: What are your top 3 tips for flights with children? 

Zoe: Entertainment – we always let them watch a movie on the iPad, bring some books, a few toys (ones that do not break into tiny pieces that can get lost though), colouring books and games such as Top Trumps.

Snacks – nothing worse than a hungry child

Comfortable clothes + blanket – if they sleep on the flight you are winning

K: How did you go about choosing a nanny agency? 

Z: We went with Alpine Angels childcare while we were in St Anton mainly because they were flexible, trustworthy, recommended by a friend, reliable and convenient. You want childcare that you can trust so that you are able to enjoy your precious time in the mountains.

K: Did you find the chalet suitable for your babies? 

Z: Yes the chalet benefitted from a beautiful large lounge area that was perfect for the babies to play in, it had deep baths, and a basket full of age appropriate toys. The chefs accommodated their eating needs which was a real treat.  

K: Why do you think it’s important to do things like skiing? 

Z: Skiing/snowboarding is part of who I am and is something I absolutely love doing. Being out in the mountains in the fresh air helps me clear my head and reminds me to be me.

K: What key items of ski gear could you not live without when up the mountains? 

Z: Decent clothes, goggles, gloves and socks make all the difference – if you are not in the correct clothes it can ruin your day. When choosing my ski wear I tend to go for the tried and tested proper ski brands (as opposed to high street) mainly because they are specialists and technically perform better.

K: When looking for a ski holiday with family what key points do you look for? 

Z: Convenience and childcare – your time in the mountains on holiday are precious so there is no time to waste when you get there. The holiday needs to be super organised and as stress free as possible.

K: Favourite après drink and bar and why?

Z: I love a small beer after a hard days snowboarding – it is not a drink I drink anywhere else but for some reason I enjoy having one more than anything at the end of a day in the mountain.

K: Favourite alpine meal? 

Z: I like a tartiflette – again not something I eat anywhere else but you need energy for all the exercise and it feels so indulgent and delicious!

K: Favourite ski memory?

Z: The first time we took our son skiing was pretty special mainly because he loved it so much – we had to drag him in off the slopes at 5.30pm for dinner and because they were closing. Being a sport my husband and I enjoy so much this definitely made us happy.

Here’s a few pics from their trip:



*Zoe, Clemmie, Nat and Cat stayed at our Sweet Little Home chalet. The chalet, transfers and lift passes were provided by Kaluma. 


To speak to one of our ski specialists and find out about ski holidays please call 01730 260 263



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