Pillow Talk

Let’s be honest, a bad night’s sleep can really effect ones ski and après performance the next day

We understand this and will always look to meet your sleep requirement from hypo allergenic pillows to extra blankets we will provide it. However, our friends at the Hotel Tannenhof have taken it to a new level of comfort with a “Pillow Menu”. These decedent options will suit all sleep requirements during your stay. The Kaluma office team have selected their top pillow choices below…

Anti-aging – premium feathers

The textile of this pillow is saturated with Vitamin E and so prevents the cell ageing of the skin. The beige colour of the pillowcase is caused by the Vitamin E saturation. The pillow is filled with pure down to give you the best possible comfort.

The Kaluma Opinion: Diana

I love my skincare routine in the evenings and morning and this pillow added an incredible stage keeping my face well looked after throughout the night. Even with the harsh winter air on my face all day this pillow still made me feel 10 years younger in the morning.




This is a pure, ecological and wellness pillow, which can be enriched with various natural fragrances from a choice of fresh herbs.

The Kaluma Opinion: Georgina

At home I use a Lavender sleep mist so to have this comfort while away is pure bliss. The natural infusion of the spelt and lavender sends me into the deepest sleep after an exhausting day off-piste.

Horsehair – flat pillow

This pillow is filled with 700g pure blonde and bouffant horse tail hair combined with the finest new sheep’s wool. The filling is knotted to a fleece and the pillow is 4cm thick. The pillowcase is made of 100% cotton and ensures a good night’s sleep.

The Kaluma Opinion: Lucy

As someone who always likes to try something new I couldn’t resist this extravagant pillow. Honestly this was one of the comfiest pillows I have ever had the privilege to experience. 100% would recommend.

Hotel Tannenhof *****Superior, St. Anton am Arlberg


Premium bolster

Filled with 100% pure white goose down. This is a very high grade product and especially comfortable for sciatica sufferers. It can also be placed under the hollow of the knee or used when reading in bed.

The Kaluma Opinion: Kelly

Having always suffered from a stiff back during skiing this is a great way to relieve tension holding your head at the perfect angle for a comfy nights rest.

Swiss stone pine

This pillow is filled with shavings from the Arven tree which grows in the Swiss canton of Grisons and is felled only at full moon. The beautiful and enjoyable fragrance from the Arven shavings will scent your whole suite, helping you to relax and feel good.

The Kaluma Opinion: Courtney

As someone who feels particularly connected to the moon I like the idea of a pillow that shares this spiritual connection during my nights rest. The Arven shavings add a delightful scent that makes me feel right at home in the suite. I personally recommend lying back on your Swiss Stone Pine pillow and enjoying some Swiss chocolate for the ultimate pillow experience.


Hotel Tannenhof *****Superior, St. Anton am Arlberg


Cherry pit

The cherry stone pillow is a pure ecological pillow. It can be heated and used to relieve pain and aches in the neck and shoulder area. Try this pillow before going to sleep on your usual pillow choice.

The Kaluma Opinion: Rebbie 

After a day skiing on the cold mountain and as someone who has always suffered with neck tension and shoulder pain I would choose the Cherry Pit Pillow. The pillow is gently heated up to help relieve any tensions and relax you gently into a fantastic night’s sleep. The small pits means the pillow can be manipulated to your shape and movement whilst you are asleep making it perfect for support. My top tip would to also use a couple of drops of lavender.


The high-grade pillow is filled with silicon hollow fibre. The pillowcase is made from 10% cashmere and 90% pure Merino wool. It ensure the most  beautiful and comfortable reclining positions.

The Kaluma Opinion: Ella

Allows my head to fall straight into the pillow and immediately feel light and relaxed for the comfortable and cosy night sleep after a big day skiing. The Cashmere and Merino wool really add a touch of sophistication to my stay and as an avid reader while on holiday I find this the perfect support.


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