Hotel of the Week – L’Apogée

This week our featured ‘Hotel of the Week’ is the Hotel L’Apogée, Courchevel 1850, France

Last week we were lucky enough to visit Courchevel and visit our friends at L’Apogée. The scene was like something from a traditional Christmas film as we were warmly welcomed into a festive looking foyer by Akram the general manager. The first thing you will notice as you step into L’Apogée is the signature fragrance that was created exclusively for the hotel and is one you will always associate with a memorable stay. It is hard to list to everything we love about this hotel as we don’t have enough space, however, here are our highlights

  • The eclectic yet beautifully designed rooms that optimise a decadent yet cosy atmosphere.
  • The breath-taking penthouse suite which not only boasts its own spa but also a roof top hot tub with unbeatable views of Courchevel.
  • Both restaurants are amazing, especially the Japanese dining is highly acclaimed. You will also feel as you descend the dramatic sweeping staircase that you are possibly an extra on the film Titanic.
  • The children’s area is by far one of the most amazing we have seen and you can be rest assured that if your little ones are spending time there while you are skiing, they will possibly be having a better time than you. There are activities such as arts and crafts, cookery, singing, dressing up and lots lots more.


View full details on the hotel here.


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