Hobbledehoo Kids’ Ski Harness provided free in all Kaluma Travel chalets

Hobbledehoo Kids’ Ski Harness provided free in all Kaluma Travel chalets

“Bella, slow down! BELLA, slow down! Seriously, slow down!! STOPPPPPP!!!”

Skiing with your own children for the first time is a brilliant, landmark moment. But skiing with a parental heart rate to match a hummingbird’s is quite an experience too!

Ski Harness provided free in our all chalets this season

Let’s just say that it can sometimes be a bit stressful. And that’s why having a safety net in the form a ‘Hobbledehoo’ ski harness is a great idea – and why we at Kaluma Travel have stocked them in all of our chalets this season.
























Simple and easy to use

The ‘Hobbledehoo’ Active Childs Harness is such a simple and easy to use bit of kit. Their brilliance is that, unlike other devices. they have super-useful handles at the front and back to add some form of ‘control’ before the teenage years.

If you need to stop a little one in a hurry to protect the local forest or to avoid a mini base jump, the Hobbledehoo lifts their weight up when pulled, rather than pulling them down.



















Particularly useful on chairlifts

It’s also particularly useful on chairlifts to prevent the ‘slip under’. You can lightly hold the rear handle to keep them secure without them realising they are now completely in safe in your hands. The rear handle can also be used to help them off the chairlift at the top, lifting them off the seat and guiding them out of harm’s way.










Also good for feeding the ducks!

Plus as an added bonus, as one of our office mums noticed, ‘they are also brilliant for when you’re feeding the ducks’!

Hobbledehoo Discount Code

Hobbledehoos are available in all of Kaluma Travel’s chalets in St Anton and Courchevel this winter. However, should you wish to buy your own to use on any ski holiday, you are eligible for a £5 discount by using the discount code ‘KALUMA5’ when buying on hobbledehoo.com.


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