How to find Sushi in the Alps

How to find Sushi in the Alps

Sushi is the Japanese preparation and serving of specially prepared vinegared rice combined with various ingredients such as seafood (often uncooked), vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits. Styles of sushi and its presentation vary widely, but the key ingredient in all cases is the sushi rice, also referred to as shari. 

Its clean, tasty, healthy and can come in all different sizes and flavours. While it’s a staple diet in Japanese culture, it is seen as somewhat of a delicacy, or a treat in western culture.

Sushi in the Alps

Take this to the Alps the mountains, where good, fresh seafood is quite rare, but not as rare as an actual Japanese Sushi Master and you might struggle to find this tasty cuisine. Well you would be wrong!

Such is the popularity of sushi now, that several restaurants throughout the alps are now offering it on their menus. Many people believe the altitude will effect the taste, the wrapping of and the quality of the ingredients in sushi. However, we take a quick look at Couchevel 1850 and St Anton and the Arlberg region for some fantastic sushi in the alps suggestions…and can assure you that non of the concerns are real!



The Koori at the L’Apogee  and Le Bizan at the Grande Alpes

Both compete for the title of best Japanese food in the snow – both produce exquisitely artful and fresh tasting food. Highly exclusive experience enjoyed in the impressive 5 star surroundings of the sumptuous designer hotels. 

Cap Horn 

The impressive Sushi Junket served on the terrace at the Cap Horn. A “must visit and must be seen at” restaurant right by the altiport in Courchevel. Rumour has it that people do fly in for the mightily impressive boat full of sushi!

Sushi in the alps


One of the first restaurants to sell sushi in Courchevel. Lunch or dinner, they produce fantastic plates to share and at surprising good prices for Courchevel! 

Grande Café 

Evening only, sushi and gastro Asian food in a warm and cosy environment. The resident sushi chef has been there for 10 years and continues to produce current trends and delicious foods!

Fresh seafood is flown directly to Courchevel every week and hotels and restaurants pre order. The key is knowing which days its delivered, so you can assure yourself of the freshest, best quality sushi on the slopes!


The Arlberg

Becoming more of a trend in the Austrian resorts now, sushi is on the rise. Among the trailblazers are:

Seven Sky at Raffls Hotel Tyrol, St Anton

Its not on the slopes, but in the town and is a culinary delight to tickle all the taste buds. Bucking the trend a little and not only offering the traditional Japanese offerings, the sushi masters have designed an Alpine Sushi menu to compliment. Think alpine beef, local river fish, tyrolean ham etc…to go with your eel, tuna, salmon and duck.

A really great, luxurious, meal. They even offer their sushi ninja complimentary delivery service.

Peppers, Lech

In the Hotel Pfefferkorn, this lively, fun and vibrant Experimental Sushi and Shisha bar offers a great choice of fresh sushi, from the traditional to the experimental, where the sushi chefs have had license to try new flavours and offer a modern twist on this ancient delicacy!

Fuxs Bau, Lech

This Pan Asian and Steakhouse restaurant is a must visit in Lech and offers a small sushi menu where again, the chefs have been allowed to experiement with ingredients and flavours.

Traditional sushi and sashimi blended with some modern twists. Soft shell crabs, local char from the rivers, beetroots and caviars.

Verwal Stube, St Anton

Not an out and out sushi restaurant. In fact, it only has sushi on occasionally and often as an accompaniment to a main meal, or to help decorate. Non the less, it is done very very well. Verwal Stube is the highest Michelin rated restaurant (by altitude) in the Alps and famous for its fresh fish, delivered three times a week, fresh, to over 2000m! Small, simple, but delicious.

Sushi works in European ski resorts on so many levels, it’s a well received trend that should be encouraged and enjoyed. However, enjoying the real deal; sushi in Japan, is so very right. The calm of the dining experience, the structure and serenity of the surroundings make each meal feel like you are wrapped in centuries of history. Please do read our Japanese blog for more food inspiration or a culinary ski delight in the powder of Japan!

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