E-bikes; what are they, and why you need to try them!

E-bikes; what are they, and why you need to try them!

I’ve just discovered the e-bike… and it’s a revelation! I am not a cyclist, I never have been, I don’t enjoy it, it’s too much effort and it hurts my behind. Well, that is until I discovered the e-bike.

You may snigger “can’t bothered” as I did, or you may be one of the purists who exclaim “It’s cheating!”, however, take my advice. JUST TRY IT!

An e-bike is an electrically powered bicycle, with a small motor assisting the rider’s pedal-power. So yes, you do need to peddle, but also you choose your level of ‘assistance’ and therefore the activity allows you to work as hard (or not) as you like.

Since trying the e-bike for the first time a few weeks ago, I haven’t looked back! I thought I knew St Anton pretty well, but thanks to the e-bike whizzing me around, I’ve discovered places that I didn’t know existed and realised that the mountains in the summer are even more beautiful thn I imagined! I’ve been to hidden lakes, small huts tucked high in the mountain, cycled for miles along gorges ‘popped’ up 1000 vertical meters for lunch in a mountain restaurant. All without breaking a sweat!

I only wish that I knew about the e-bike before last winter season as it’s definitely not just a summer activity! So next time you find yourself on a ski holiday with poor snow or a white out, forget sitting inside watching the television; get outside and get on an e-bike! I know I’ll be encouraging my guests to do so!

by Carly Bedford, Operations Manager St Anton

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