Debunk the Myth – Corporate Ski Trips are a Thing of the Past

Debunking the myth that Corporate Ski Trips are a thing of the past 

Corporate ski trips are definitely not a thing of the past, there has merely been a shift in focus!

When Kaluma first started we were predominantly a corporate focused company. We found ourselves looking after many of the cities banks, broking houses, traders and wealth management companies, we had almost carved a niche in the financial sector and we were the go-to company for many years for their company ski trips. The financial crisis hit, new laws and regulations came into place, namely the Compliance Act, meaning financial institutions were not allowed to offer any kind of gratuity that could be construed as a bribe to their clients. In turn, clients were not allowed to be seen accepting this kind of gratuity as they would be breaking the law.

So needless to say corporate skiing in the financial sector dropped off somewhat.

However, where this slumped, others picked up the reigns and the benefits of corporate ski trips were plain for all to see; smaller business to big multi-nationals were still skiing.  

Why should you arrange a corporate ski trip?

Simply because it is, without a doubt, one of the best forms of client entertainment on the market and a fantastic incentive for in-house employees to aim towards.


Those companies (and there are several that spring to mind) who offer it as an incentive trip for their best performing sales staff, or highest achievers have formed a culture at work where all the staff are aiming to do well enough to be selected for the company incentive ski trip. It becomes an annual event that the whole company want to be involved in.


For those companies who can still bring clients away for entertainment purposes, it makes a big statement. It shows intent, it shows how serious the host is about you and how much they value you. It’s high end entertaining and from our vast experience, it works its retunrs in abundance. An all inclusive, all expenses paid trip is very hard to turn down!

For the hosts, it is the prime product to spend quality time with their guests. Time on chairlifts, lunches, après ski, dinners, in ski groups and also relaxing in your private chalets. It’s a great way to get business done, network and strengthen relationships.

Blue Sky thinking on Snow Covered Slopes:

The perfect get away for an off site meeting / conference / team building. Meeting space in the alps, be it in your own private luxury chalet or at the top of a mountain, what better way to get the creative juices flowing or to allow for new ideas and developments in your business. Crystal clear, fresh mountain air. Some exercise and activity. Socialising and relaxing – all proven ways of getting the best out of a business.

At Kaluma we have made a conscious decision not to name our clients, remaining discreet where we need to be and appreciative of the companies that we look after.

Why Work With Kaluma:

We work with you to make sure your budget is maintained and all the stress of the organising is taken off you, whether you are the Company Owner, the CEO, the MD, the PA or the DJ (desk junior), we will work with you to ensure all bases are covered and that you are getting exactly what you want out of your company ski experience.

Flights, transfers, accommodation in our chalets or partner hotels, skiing, instructors, ski hire, lift passes, après ski, activities, lunches, dinners and night clubs.

We know our resorts inside out and have access to the best venues, best tables and can really help you impress.


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