Christmas / New Year and Ski resorts…..

Christmas / New Year and Ski resorts…..

A famous friend once sang “It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid…..” Well there bl**dy is when its Christmas morning, your staff sleep in and your faced with feeding 20 guests on your own….! I’m sure that some unlucky chalet, somewhere, experienced this….as if you would at Kaluma!

Christmas came and went really. But at least we had a white one in both St Anton and Courchevel. Not only was it a white Christmas, but quite a quiet Christmas too, slopes, bars, restaurants all seemed quieter than usual. Having Xmas on a Saturday obviously didn’t help many travel companies who flapped at the prospect of having to change their Saturday – Saturday weekly holidays to something a little more convenient for all their holiday makers . Add this to the dusting of snow that brought Britain to  a stand still…..although I actually think many parts had more snow and were colder than the Alps this Christmas….it certainly put a halt to many people’s travel plans.

Christmas in the Alps is a special experience, if you’ve never done it before and if it’s done right, really can be a perfect a few days.

Courchevel seems quieter than normal in the build up to New Year, then again, Moscow’s airports have been closed for the last 3 days and the back log has caused riots in the airport. More vodka anyone?

St Anton has seen an explosion in people (not literally as that would be messy) but in the sheer volume of folk arriving and skiing!

The snow base is great in both our main resorts, including the 3 vallees and the whole of the Arlberg. More snow forecast this week and we should be looking at a very white New Year and hopefully some fresh tracks as well.

New Year in St Anton is an experience you would struggle to replicate anywhere in the world. Hmmmm, actually, Bagdad, Afghanistan or WW2 would probably come close… no no, not because there are loads of Brits whopping some foreign  butt (sorry!), simply because the firework display takes some beating. Mr Walt Disney would definitely not approve of this show, with fireworks coming at all angles and heights and sizes and loudness! It’s an experience best observed hiding behind someone much bigger than yourself.

It looks like January will be a great, snow filled, powder tastic, ski til you drop kind of month. Be sure to get a trip booked up if you havent already done so!

Merry New Christmas and a Happy Year everyone!

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