Carbs on Request

Carbs on Request

Kaluma Chalet Catering

‘It’s All Good’, you can ‘Get the Glow’, apparently you’ll be ‘Lean in 15’ and you know what? All you need is to be ‘Honestly Healthy’.

What with Marks and Spencer’s selling spiralized vegetables and Sainsbury’s selling hemp seeds and organic coconut oil you really cannot avoid the food revolution going on at the minute.  Are you eating Raw Foods only? Paleo perhaps? Maybe no complex carbs? There is so much out there it could be considered somewhat confusing. 

So, how does this translate to your skiing holiday you might ask? At Kaluma Travel we take the food and wine served in our chalets very seriously. This is a well deserved break for many, so we aim to exceed your expectations and deliver you the perfect holiday. For many the food and wine is a big part of this, whether you’ve booked a weeks skiing at Christmas, you’ve decided to run an incentive for your staff, or you’re on a girls weekend away we will ensure that your chalet menu is perfectly suited to meet your dietary requirements, whatever they may be. 

We recruit our chefs based on their passion for food and overall enthusiasm. They will be highly skilled and have a wealth of experience behind them, from luxury yachts to professional kitchens. 

If you are following a particular diet, have food allergies or want to pick and mix between healthy options and four course gourmet dinners throughout your stay we will happily cater to any of your requirements. 


Menu Inspiration

Below are a few of my firm favourites that hopefully give a nod and a wink towards the healthy side of eating and we can of course recreate in our chalets. 

Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen and supper like a Pauper! This is a great breakfast for protein and some of those good carbs and will keep you going well up to lunch time:

This is considered a breakfast option but this makes a great protein packed lunch. Go a little off piste (pardon the pun) and add some chopped spring onion and load in fresh herbs like coriander and flat leaf parsley. Delicious.

Chocolate Mousse with nothing nasty. Our children love this as well, so always a winner. I add coconut oil to this as I find it helps it set the mousse better once in the fridge, a bit like butter would do in a conventional recipe. If you’re adding almond butter, I would suggest the smooth one, and for a little lift in the texture some pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top go really well.

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