Brexit and your Ski Holidays

Brexit and your Ski Holidays

So Brexit happened!  And last week was akin to skiing in a whiteout – scary and dizzying, but finally with some vague hints of the sun breaking through the clouds … maybe. 

What are the effects to the travel and ski industry now that Brexit ‘may’ become reality and as we attempt to negotiate the exit plan?

For at least the next two years, not much.

We set our prices in sterling, and we have no intentions of applying any surcharges, so our chalet holidays are even better value as we absorb the higher costs of a devalued sterling.  

Travel costs are unlikely to change in the short to medium term – airlines buy their currency and place fuel contracts forward up to five years.  Longer term, there are notable pressures on the operating costs and licences for airlines. However, as the political and economic landscape seems to be changing faster than a night out with Franz Klammer, (that’s a story for another day!), we are certainly expecting a more conciliatory tone to be adopted. But first we must move on from the muscle flexing phase in the post vote aftermath. Mr Juncker, “Calm down dear”.

There’s more than two years of breathing space before our business ‘may’ need some redesigning regarding the posting of staff to ‘international’ jobs within the EU. Naturally Kaluma have always maintained full compliance regarding staff postings in countries within which we operate, and we are very adaptable and prepared for the changes afoot.  

The sense of worry has actually been more acute from our trusted and loyal business partners in the Alps. We have been working closely for over a decade with businesses in many ski resorts, plenty of whom we consider close friends. From hotels to hire shops, restaurants to ski schools, taxis to nightclubs, everyone is a little bit worried about the immediate future. Tourism and hospitality is looking for reassurances that skiers will still come to enjoy the delights of the mountains.

Well, Kaluma have had a great month of sales in June. In fact, our best EVER June. Our new chalets Eden Rock and Montana are proving very popular indeed. And, interestingly, we are seeing an almost overwhelming amount of people applying for seasonal jobs in the Alps. More than any other year. (Perhaps people are wanting to escape!?).

The general chatter seems to be “People who ski are going to ski. Period ”. And we like that! 

Onwards and upwards dear friends. Bring on Winter 16/17.


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