Another World Cup passes us by….

Another World Cup passes us by….

Another year older, definitely non the wiser and great to see that our National Football Stars still can’t justify their ridiculous salaries! Despite the worst refereeing decision in many many a year (funny how history comes back to haunt you…) and at 2-2 it would have been a completely different game, no doubt, we can’t take away from the fact that we were rubbish, simple as that!

Hopefully it’s time to blame the players, not the Manager, not the WAGS, not the ball or the shocking pitches in S A, but the players. The ones who actually have to go out and control a ball, pass the ball to someone in the same colour shirt and get the ball off the other chaps in different colour shirts. We choked, Germany didn’t. The Pig Herder did them proud and ran the game against our “2 best in the world midfielders”. So perhaps it’s too late, too long overdue for Stevie G to go to Spain to learn the finer skills of the game, but I reckon he will!

Argentina, I think it has to be time for Maradonna to grace the world stage again…..

The Alps has been fun for the World Cup, despite the fact that the Austrians weren’t involved, they’ve got into the spirit of it all and follow the team of their choice… was England…..

We’ve had snow, yes snow in the last week, hiking on the peaks meant ankle deep in snow down to about 1700 meters…really quite bizarre for mid June!

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