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Carved-out canyons, sheer cliffs and body- wide slot canyons make up this vast red
rock environment. The Green and Colorado rivers trisect the Colorado plateau etching the Canyonlands into distinct areas. Utah has the most wonderfully diverse range of landscapes, including sky scraping buttes, white water rapids and windswept desert terraces and because of this is offers a myriad of amazing activities from canyoning, jet skiing, hiking, mountain biking, cultural excursions and more.


We suggest a seven-day trip incorporating the very best of this other-worldly landscape. Based out of remote bespoke camps our Partners will take you from the famous Mesa Arch in the Sky district of the Canyonlands to the shores of Lake Powell for adrenaline water sports and beyond. Our example itinerary here incorporates the best Utah has to offer.


Here is a selection of just some of the marvels you will take in on this trip of a lifetime;


From its source high in the Rocky mountains, the Colorado river runs south for over 1,500 miles over waterfalls, through deserts, canyons, lush wetlands and finishes in the Gulf of Mexico. Serving 30 million people with water, she is a lifeline for cities such as LA, San Diego and Phoenix. A river of different temperaments, at some points calm and at others tumbling rapids, allowing for a variety of water sports to be enjoyed on her.


Lake Powell is the second largest man-made lake in the US and is fed by the Colorado river. 186 miles long, she has 1,960 miles of shoreline – further than the entire West Coast of the continental United States. Lake Powell is a playground for water sports allowing visitors to swim, fish, dive, snorkel, water ski, and jet ski.



Though the most accessible district of the Canyonlands, the Sky district offers some of the most scenic views in Utah. Of particular note in the Mesa Arch – a curved sandstone arch that perfectly frames the view over the surrounding area. Usually inundated with tourists our guides will ensure privacy at the geologically incredible spot even having the option fot one of our mobile camps to be set up in its shadow.



Monument Valley sits within sacred Navajo Indian lands. The massive flat-topped plateaus jut into the sky surrounded by miles of mesas and buttes, shrubs, trees and windblown sand that all merge to create a magnificent spectrum of colour. Our Navajo guides will talk you through this world-famous panorama.


If you would like to see a video teaser our partner HCA put together from a previous trip, which might give you more insight to this absolutely incredible experience, we would be happy to share this with you. Please call us on +44 (0)1730 260263 or email us and we will send this to you.



Bespoke camps are built for the various stages of an adventure here, the reason being there is shortage of quality accommodation around Utah and specifically Lake Powell and the surrounding mesa. Houseboats will act as floating bars complete with a helipad and state-of-the art telescopes for stargazing. Exceptional chefs are brought in to create meals and arrange sundowners at incredibly beautiful locations nearby, such as Tower Butte.

Here are some of the amazing adrenalin packed activities you will take part in on this mega trip;



Jet-skiing across lake Powell through its narrow passageways at water level gives you a unique perspective of the spectacular man made lake. The lake’s sheer size gives ample opportunity to test the latest toy’s immense power and handling. We can provide a water racetrack for competing against your guests or family before mooring up next to your bespoke lakeside camp.



As you would expect from Utah’s geography, there is the opportunity for highly enjoyable mountain biking. Our preferred route includes 1,200 m climbs and descents. It usually requires a planning a year in advance to secure permits to ride here but our access means that we can access the area much more easily.



Lake Powell’s sheer size and dramatic geography means that much of its best secrets are only accessible by launch. You can explore the flooded canyons in a variety of vessels and use them as a base for swimming, snorkeling and other activities.



The Colorado river and particularly Cataract Canyon has exciting rapids that reach their peak (Class V) in late May and June. Though slightly smaller at other times, it is an exhilarating portion of the river year-round.



Hiking through Utah’s orange-hued and pinkish canyons and boulders is a surreal experience. These slot canyons differ widely in height, colour and width according to their geological background. We will also take you hiking with Navajo Indians through the famous, and not so famous, areas looking for fossils and learning about their way of life in this land over the centuries.



Southern Utah is covered in narrow slashes in the crust of the earth formed by wind and water erosion. Wide at the rim, as they drop (some up to 30 m) they narrow to the point where you have to squeeze yourself through. Regardless of ability we can take you on a variety of intrepid hikes and rappels deep into the ground.



The Moab area of Utah has numerous examples of Indian rock art. Petroglyphs are usually abraded or scratched onto the rock surface. We will take you to visit them with the ancestors of the Indians who drew these incredible motifs thousands of years ago.



UTVs, or Utility Task Vehicles, are the perfect transport for crossing Utah’s diverse range of terrain. With your Navajo guide you will race across the ground stopping to learn about the thousands of fossils that litter the ground and take in the views from our guide’s chosen spots.



Viewing Utah by helicopter adds an extra dimension to your visit. We can take you on aerial scenic tours of Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon.


Furthermore, we can easily arrange private sundowners on the flat top of Tower Butte affording amazing views over the surrounding terrain.

The optimal time of year to do this trip is between end of April until July, weather is at its most comfortable at this time. From mid-September until March it is too cold and July and August months are too hot for comfort.


Depending on where you’re coming from we will arrange your travel accordingly.

The approximate cost listed under the Prices tab here is based on the suggested itinerary we have detailed, however costs will change depending on how many helicopter trips are required plus any additional pre and post travel arrangements. It is important to remember that each trip will be tailored to you so prices and what is included will vary.


Flights and transfers to Utah are excluded.


Travel insurance is the individual’s responsibility.

Approximately $36,000 per person (based on 4 people double sharing).


However this cost changes depending on how much use of the helicopter is required / activities you want to include / type of accommodation. It is important to remember that each trip will be tailored to you so prices will vary.


Please contact one of our specialists travel organisers to tailor make your perfect Utah experience on T: +44(0)1730 260 263    E: ENQUIRIES@KALUMATRAVEL.CO.UK




  • Arrive into Moab, vehicle (30 mins) to White Rim trail 

  • Mountain bike trail over Canyonlands & lunch (2.5 hours) 

  • Vehicle to Colorado River (25 mins) 

  • Motorised raft to private camp on the water (1 

  • Dinner and overnight at camp 



  • Breakfast at camp 

  • Raft into the heart of Cataract Canyon (Class V 

  • Clothes change and lunch on beach 

  • Boat to Hite Marina and vehicle transfer to airstrip 
(10 mins) 

  • Scenic light aircraft to Horseshoe Canyon over 
Canyonlands (45 mins) 

  • Vehicle (40 mins) to Mesa camp 

  • Dinner and overnight at camp 



  • Breakfast at camp 

  • Vehicle transfer to Corkscrew Canyon 

  • Hike through slot canyons (3/4 hours) 

  • Hidden lunch in the canyons 

  • Rappelling and climbing down canyons 

  • Vehicle to Mesa camp (10 mins) 

  • Dinner and overnight at camp



  • Breakfast at camp 

  • Vehicle transfer to Horseshoe Canyon 

  • Morning hike (3 hours) to ancient petroglyphs 

  • Lunch before vehicle (1 hour) to Hanksville airstrip 

  • Light aircraft (40 mins) to Mounument Valley 
airstrip and meet Navajo Indians 

  • Vehicle (10 mins) to UTVs (utility task vehicles) 

  • Off-road UTVing to Navajo camp 

  • Dinner and Navajo ceremony 


  • Breakfast at Navajo Camp 

  • UTV tour of Copper Canyon with Navajo guide 
(3/4 hours) 

  • Vehicle 35 mins) to Goulding’s Lodge airstrip for 
heli pick-up 

  • Scenic flight over Monument Valley, Rainbow 
Bridge, Bryce & Labyrinth canyons 

  • Hike to Lake Powell (25 mins) 

  • Dinner & overnight at bespoke lakeside camp



  • Breakfast at camp 

  • Hike to Labyrinth Canyon for slot canyon rappel 
(3.4 hours) 

  • Return to camp by kayak 

  • Jet skiing and water sports on Lake Powell 

  • Helicopter from camp to Tower Butte for 

  • Dinner and overnight at lakeside camp 



  • Breakfast at camp 

  • Heli to Jet Centre 

  • Meet government vehicles for two mile rock tunnel 
to base of Glen Canyon Dam

  • Motorised raft down Horseshoe Bend 

  • Lunch at beach 

  • Vehicle to Marble Canyon airstrip 

  • Scenic flight over Grand Canyon, finishing at Page 

  • Onward departure


t: +44(0)1730 260 263    e: