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Take a trip to a part of the world that remains mostly uninhabited, unvisited and untouched for an experience of a lifetime. Svalbard in Norway makes up an archipelago of sparsely populated protected islands in the Arctic Circle, located 400 miles from the mainland. National parks and natural reserves and miles upon miles of snow drenched mountains and landscapes dotted with sparkling glaciers, vast drifting icebergs and interesting wildlife and marine life, it really is an awe inspiring sensational sight not to be missed in a lifetime. You can expect to catch a glimpse of whales, seals, walruses, Arctic foxes, Svalbard reindeer and polar bears aplenty.

Whether admiring Svalbard from your vessel or on foot and vehicle, the dramatic scenery leaves everyone who visits left in awe and amazement. This trip beckons travellers with a slightly wild streak, who wish to experience the sheer exhilaration of outdoor action-packed activities or to those that simply wish to relax against a backdrop of breath-taking scenery. We will tailor this trip to suit your preferences.



In order to maximize your experience throughout Svalbard we recommend basing yourself off a comfortable yacht, allowing you to move between the different islands. Svalbard is unsurprisingly cold and so a top level of accommodation makes the experience truly wonderful. To take the adventure to Svalbard further we recommend chartering an icebreaker class vessel
 to plough through the ice either towing your accommodation vessel or transporting you from the latter further into the ice. Our Partners are experienced at chartering both types of vessels and can tailor them to match your requirements.


Probably the best time to visit Svalbard is between May and September as this is when you can break through the icy waters to be able to see all the incredible wildlife. However you may prefer to have an entirely different experience and take in the mystical Northern Lights. We can discuss what you would like most out of the trip and make the perfect itinerary to suit your requirements.


The Svalbard Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole.


  • Daily flights operate to and from Svalbard throughout the year, and frequency increases in the summer.
  • Most flights are to and from Tromsø, but in the summer season some are also direct from Oslo.
  • Flight time is approximately 3 hours from Oslo, and 1,5-2 hours from Tromsø.
  • We will organise transfers to get you from the airport to your accommodation.


Svalbard is not part of the Schengen area, so passports must be brought by all non-Norwegian visitors.

The European Health Insurance Card is not valid in the Svalbard Islands. It is therefore strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance before you travel here.

A totally unique itinerary will be created for you and any number of activities and elements can be included within it. Flights, accommodation, vessel hire, activities, expert guides, hosts, photographers, videographers; we will talk you through the cost of all options and price the trip according to your precise requirements.

This trip is totally personalised to suit your requirements and therefore the price will depend on a few factors, including what type of vessel is required. You may like to stay on the ice breaker, on land or on a yacht or you might have your own yacht you would prefer to bring to stay on. Finally it depends on what time of year you wish to travel.

We will price the trip to suit your preferences.



This is a tailor-made trip which we will personalise to suit your requirements. There are some incredible things to see and do – here is a list of a few things which we can include in your personal itinerary.



Snowmobiling is the ultimate way to experience Svalbard’s spectacular Arctic wilderness, allowing you to reach places the average explorer cannot. Depending on the time of year and sea ice conditions, there is the potential to ski across the vast frozen ocean, witnessing Svalbard reindeer as you coast.


Snorkling / Scuba Diving

We offer a unique experience in the shadows of the steep dolerite cliffs on Spitsbergen. We can provide the equipment to snorkel and/or scuba dive with the diving guillemots; watching them plummet from the cliff tops, down into the icy waters, stunning and capturing their prey beneath the surface.


Dog Sledging

You can experience dog sledding by day, depending on the time of year and sea ice conditions. At a rustic style trapper station you will be greeted by your dogs. Experience the pure adrenalin of driving the sleds or simply relax as the dogs guide you through Svalbard’s often difficult, yet hauntingly beautiful terrain.


Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking allows you to leisurely paddle through icy waters, perhaps even glimpsing at the slowly increasing population of whales that are returning to Svalbard to feed on the rich plankton.


Sea Toys

Zodiaks, tenders and jet skis allow you to scoot between floating ice bergs and explore the landscape on an intimate level.


Ice Caves

Walk through a wonderland of glacial ice tunnels and sculptures. Meander through ice ridges and crevasses and if circumstances allow it, we will organise a private lunch or dinner in the cave itself.



Svalbard is known for the majesty of its impressive glaciers and fjords. Kongsfjorden, a fjord on the west coast of Spitsbergen Island, has both tidewater and valley glaciers which can be explored. As you walk along the glacier you can enjoy the views of sheer Precambrian metamorphic rock cliffs that house colonies of seabirds, whilst the more intrepid of hikers can enjoy looking down from an elevation of 500 feet at the beach.


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