All change at Kaluma Travel…..

All change at Kaluma Travel…..

Kaluma Travel have moved….nearly!

After a long and tedious drive back from the Alps last week, I visited our London office for the penultimate time! We were finally on the move, out of London and into the country!

This is our 3rd move in our 8 yrs of business. We started in a small serviced office block in Richmond upon the Thames. Where we rapidly realised we were getting royally ripped off for expensive service charges, phone lines and other “rippoffable” items! Although we had the benefit of the river very close by, some lovely shops and the peace and relative quiet of Richmond, we decided we needed somewhere livelier and perhaps more central.
So we moved to Oxford Street! Just off it to be precise into an office the size of a cupboard. In fact, to be even more precise, it used to be a cupboard, that was “renovated” for our use! Crammed in, right next to the office toilet (we shared the office with another very lovely travel company). Not only did we have the hot, sweaty, annoying tube journey in the mornings, we also had 1000’s of tourists to avoid on our way to work (even at 9am…ok, 10am). It wasnt much fun, unless of course you liked eating and shopping in Soho…? Or on the worlds busiest street.

So we moved again a few years late….to Putney. Lovely Putney, where we were very happy. A big office, probably too big, that saw us share some space with a new up and coming Gap Year Surfing company (ticket to Ride) as well as a friends property business and later on to a baby clothing company. also shared the same building as did the management company (i think) from the band Muse. So a good place to be, with a fantastic pasta/sandwich/coffee /cake shop right next door. Anyone who hs been for an interview with us in the past few years has probably experienced their wit!! As well as a great Wagamama on the high street….sorry Jules…our lunch dates will have to stop now…..many a St Anton venture has been discussed and run, all fuelled  on Waga’s noodles!

We packed up and shipped out of Putney and are still in the process of setting up the new HQ in Petersfield, Hampshire, lovely old market town. Work out as a great convenience for all involved.
Also very happy to announce our new Sales and Office Manager, Katie Simpson, who will be starting in Late August. Katie comes from a travel, ski, marketing background and is a very welcomed addition to the Kaluma Team.

I promised I wouldn’t mention it, but I can’t help it….we had the first (and only probably) Kaluma Golf day at Goodwood, Kennel Club the other weekend. A well fought match, a long hard “Downs” course (the buggy was definately needed!) and Andy (me) beat Richard by one shot over a well fought 18 holes!
Drama til the end!

Anyone got thoughts on the winter ahead….? Let me know…..

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