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A rare opportunity to participate in a submersible dive expedition to the RMS Titanic in May 2018.

We are offering the opportunity to join the 1st manned, privately-funded submersible dive expedition to the Titanic wreck since 2005. This is a chance to see the infamous wreck at its most identifiable and to perform a rare feat that only a handful of people have ever accomplished.


A century has sailed by since the luxury steamship RMS Titanic met its end in the North Atlantic, plunging two miles to the ocean floor after striking an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on 14 April 1912.

After years of fruitless searching by many organisations, technological advances in sonar scanning allowed the wreck of Titanic to be found in 1985 by a Franco-American expedition headed by oceanographer Robert Ballard. Many subsequent expeditions followed, including most famously those of film director James Cameron, who used the footage he gathered in his 1997 blockbuster Titanic.


The wreck lies at a depth of 12,500 feet (3,800 meters) approximately 380 miles (595 kilometers) from the coast of Newfoundland. The rapid deterioration of the wreck is being aided by the relentless spread of rusticles (named on account of their icicle-like shape) which are eating the manganese, iron and sulphur out of the steel and weakening the wreck. It is estimated that within a hundred years the Titanic will be unrecognisable as a ship, eventually becoming nothing more than an iron ore deposit at the bottom of the ocean.

In May 2018, our partners, will be conducting this expedition to the wreck and we are inviting you to become part of this incredible experience.


The expedition will uncover areas 
that have not been explored for years, collaborating with world experts to map the ship
 in great detail and to gain analysis of its rapid deterioration. Using tools more advanced than in previous expeditions, the mission will contribute greater insight into the Titanic and record images for posterity.

Your journey will begin from St John’s in Newfoundland, from where you will sail out into 
the North Atlantic to the site of her wreckage and transfer onto the expedition’s operation vessel. Once on board you will become part of the expedition team, opting if you choose to work amongst 
them and receive training to assist in navigation, communications, sonar mapping and dive planning.


Once sea-anchored above the wreck, every guest will experience one submersible dive. You will dive in a team of three, alongside a submersible pilot and an expert who will provide you with insight on what you’re seeing. On the days you are not diving, you will have the opportunity to get behind the scenes and operate some of the equipment that will be used during
 the dives. Also available to you will be a variety of lectures in Titanic history, oceanography and deep-sea operations.



You will be on board a vessel in single room accommodation during the expedition.


Pre and post accommodation travel arrangements can be made for trip extensions, this can be discussed upon your enquiry.

Expedition dates: 31st May – 7th June / 4th June 2018 – 11th June 2018

Maximum number of guests: Nine


Barebones Titanic Diving Experience, return sea transfer from St.John to Titanic expedition platform, board & lodging whilst at sea, expedition reports, access to library of unpublished images of the Titanic, regular updates on the mission’s progress



The above package is the bare minimum offering to enable an individual or group to experience the Titanic. Please see ‘Prices’ tab for additional offerings to enhance your trip.

From* $105,129.00 / person, based on a group of nine guests

Further 50% deposit amount due by 31st March 2017 Remaining balance due after successful submersible classification testing

*NB. A minimum planning & admin fee will incur depending on the amount of time spent preparing your expedition. We envisage this to be approx. 4-7% of the trip cost


As a way of enhancing the clients’ experience further, we offer the option to add bespoke packages, at an additional cost. Below costs will be subject to the size of the group.



(from $16,875 per group of 9pax)

To ensure the best experience on logistically complex trips we usually have one of our team hosting every trip. This ensures that all of the little details are looked after on the ground while providing a single point of contact for your client. Even the best laid plans can sometimes alter, here a host’s experience can often make a real difference. All HCA hosts can also compliment the trip in recording the experience with photography & film.


Ground Services & Historical Experts

(from $11,700 per group of 9pax)

Includes arranging and reserving pre and post-trip accommodation in case of weather delays, options for a pre-trip historic dinner with Titanic experts showcasing Titanic memorabilia, post- trip “wrap event”.

To compliment the expedition itself we can arrange for a world-class expert to accompany you to the oceans depths as well as give lectures on board your vessel.


Bespoke Brochure Pre Trip Collectables, Photo Albums & Video Package

(from $5,400 per group of 9pax)

We provide a full bespoke media service which can include exquisite keepsake trip brochures, custom-made Titanic mementos, personalised expedition clothing & kit bags, handmade leather-bound photo albums and personalised leather luggage tags.

We find that these physical items provide excellent keepsakes for the guests and a great memento of the trip.


A/V Package

For this expedition we would recommend having one cameraman who can document this experience for you with still images and video footage. With our post-production facility we can produce a longer full expedition video and a shorter edit for a quick summary of the expedition. We ensure a quick turnaround of the final footage for the clients as soon as all assets are collected from all photographers/videographers.


Submersible Training & Facility Visit

There may be opportunities to receive submersible pilot training with the crew before the trip- available at an extra cost.


DAY ZERO:  Welcome dinner and expedition introduction

DAY ONE: Arrival & vessel introduction depart Port of St John’s

DAY TWO: Lectures and briefings on the Titanic and the research mission with the expedition experts

DAY THREE: Transfer to expedition operations vessel and anchor at Titanic wreck site. Submersible orientation

DAYS FOUR-SIX: Dives to RMS Titanic

Operations Training opportunities; Navigation, Communication, Sonar mapping, Photography, Observation and Dive planning

DAY SIX: Depart the Titanic

DAY SEVEN: Review collected images, video and sonar

DAY EIGHT: Disembark at St John’s Port and closing party 

DAY NINE: Additional activities as per clients’ request


* Weather delays during dive days could potentially extend the expedition, therefore it is strongly recommended that you do not schedule any important appointments until two days after your scheduled arrival date


The submersible will undergo strict submersible classification testing (Germanischer Lloyds or equivalent). Certification expected by October 2017*. Should submersible testing not be complete by this time a full refund will be offered. * This testing date may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We will keep you informed of any delays.


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