A Smoke Free Austria….

A Smoke Free Austria….

Historic date in Austrian history……no, no, not 976 when The Holy Roman Emperor gave control to Northeastern Austria to Leopold 1st. Not even 1918 when Austria-Hungary was defeated in WWI. No, no, not even 1995 when Austria joined the E U.

July 1st 2010, when the law is finally enforced to ensure that all restaurants and bars in Austria must provide a smoking and non smoking area or be completely non smoking as well as no smoking in public buildings.

For those that do smoke, tough luck. For those that do not smoke, a lovely breakthrough I am sure you will agree. So for those visiting St Anton this winter….no more waking up in the morning with the stink of smoke in your hair, clothes, pillow….just that ever-present whiff of shame and that “what did I do last night” feeling, that St Anton seems to bring about!

Austrians I am sure will adapt quick enough to it, the rest of the world seems to have grasped it well enough!

As we speak, bars and restaurants are adding glass doors and windows.

The sun is shining, the weather is hot, the Alps are at their best right now. Time for golf I think…..

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