1. The Team is Complete 2. Kaluma 8 – Bar Cuba 1

1. The Team is Complete 2. Kaluma 8 – Bar Cuba 1

1. Finally, our UK team is complete. After one week of settling in, Katie has seamlessly slotted into the Sales Managers role and this week we have the pleasure of welcoming Kelly to the office. Freshly graduated from having a great time at Portsmouth Uni, Kelly take on the Sales Executive role.  A whole-hearted welcome to both and already we can see its going to be a good season……

1st of September already, which means only 3 months to go until the winter seasons really starts to kick off. Snow already in the Alps, a covering in the Arlberg and Kitzbuhel, down to about 1500m and also a spattering in Courchevel.  THe rumour mill is spinning with stories of it “being the best winter ever” and “snow this early means we’re guaranteed powder all season”…… Woh, hold your horses snow freaks….this is just a bit of end of August abnormal weather that gets in the way of the Alpine golf!  When Grandma’s left leg starts twitching, or Gertrude the mountain goat starts doing cartwheels, or Madame Bouffon’s hair starts to fall to the right…..then you know the fresh stuff is on its way! After all, it’s the locals who really do know best!  But let’s be honest, the signs are good! Quick…book a ski holiday! www.kalumatravel.co.uk

2. When: Bank Holiday Weekend.   Where: Cowes, IOW.   What: 1st Annual Kaluma v Cuba Golf Match

Who: Butterworth – Handicap 16 (kaluma)  v Russell – Handicap  yes (cuba)

A lovely sunny afternoon on “the Island”, East Cowes Golf and County Club. A quiet course, but a lot of spectators keen to see the outcome of this gladiatorial golf game! I’ll keep it brief so as to minimise the embarrassment and ridicule to the well defeated losing last placed player. In short, the first 9 were friendly, chatty, nervous. Both players sussing out the lay of the land and the style of the opponents swing. Cuba, with local knowledge started well, with a drive that saw his second shot chipping out of a hedge, cleverly placed there to stop random golfers wandering in the local playground (what a slice!)

The next few holes were a bit up and down, left to right, in and out (of trees, bushes, rough and pathways), non the less very enjoyable…..After the first 9 (“This was just the warm up” – Russel, Bar Cuba) the real game began. For the record, Kaluma won the Front 9 by 10 shots.

Second 9, a whole new game, the “real game”. The bet, as there is always a bet with the African. Skins was the format. Not money, but shots, that’s right, a shot a whole. Kaluma stepped up the game, having lulled Cuba into a false sense of confidence. 4 holes played and Russell had his 4 skins down (hmmmmm!) Following on, after 8 holes played, Kaluma found themselves 8 skins up! In a moment of kindness, Cuba pulled out a shock win on the 9th hole, to the amazement of the watching crowd to avoid an embarrassing landslide victory for Kaluma.

Then the fun really began. 7 “shots” down and we sampled a few drinking “holes” in town. We walked a “fair way” into town and enjoyed a few drinks. Time to go home for “Tee” and a by this time the losing party was definitely showing his limitations on the golf course and the 7 “shots” clearly proved too much to handle. Literally. He was fast asleep by 10pm.

The Kaluma Juggernaut chugs on…..who’s next…?

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